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Detailed Surrealist Art by Pat Perry

Pat Perry is an artist and illustrator from Michigan, United States. His artworks are surreal, and inspiration from where Pat lives, Michigan, camping and the woods. His favorite media is pen & ink, and paint, the only software he uses is Photoshop to manipulate color occasionally. Take a look at some of his Timelapse video Painting.
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Anatomical Sculptures by Jason Freeny

Deeply rooted in the iconography of pop culture – previous jobs include creating stage sets, props and artwork for MTV and working as a toy designer – American artist Jason Freeny has literally stopped us in our tracks with his remarkable, if positively menacing, anatomical sculptures of your favourite childhood toys. Super Mario, Mr. Stay Puft, My Little Pony… practically none of your toy-box icons escape Freeny’s curious dissections, and for around $1,200 he’s even letting his one-off babies find a new home. Freeny’s technical dexterity is to be admired just as much as his wicked imagination, each piece expertly crafted from carving up the original branded figures and adding his own clay innards. Disconcerting, eerily original and devilishly satisfying our uneasy obsession with popular culture; Jason Freeny’s anatomical sculptures are dazzlingly brilliant…
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Disgustingly Tasteful photography by Klaus Pichler

Austrian artist Klaus Pichler has developed ‘one third’, a highly legible photographic commentary of the connection between the individual wastage of food and globalized food production after learning the UN finding that one third of the world’s food supply is left to rot.
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Performance Drawing by Tony Orrico

These are magnificent. Tony Orrico is an artist and dancer who has been called the human spirograph, performing for up to 4 hours continuously. In these videos you can see his process, and how he can actually go out his performance drawings for over 4 hours. Incredible stuff.
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Novartis Reflections Campaign

Created by talented American photographer Tom Hussey these advertising posters are dedicated to new Novartis drug called the Exelon Patch. Exelon is a transdermal patch used to help people with memory problems and daily living challenges associated with Alzheimer’s disease. These images show how patients with Alzheimer’s see their younger self. Campaign includes several posters and each of them is great.
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Kern Type – The kerning game

“Your mission is simple: achieve pleasant and readable text by distributing the space between letters. Typographers call this activity kerning.”
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Spectacular Double Exposure Oil Paintings by Ho Ryon Lee

Korean artist Ho Ryon Lee’s series entitled Overlapping Images incorporates a double exposure technique that is typically used in photography. The remarkable thing about this body of work is that the images are, in fact, oil paintings. The realistic renditions of the multitude of scantily clad women in these works employ a layering method that plays with opacity. There is a simulated sense of motion, as though we’re able to view several moments in time at once.
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Handmade Type by Tien-Min Liao

Taiwanese designer/illustrator Tien-Min Liao created an amazing project titled “Handmade Type” to fluidly illustrate the relationship between uppercase and lowercase letters. She drew slick, clean shapes on her hands with black ink, and filmed her hands seamlessly transforming between each form.
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Hand Drawn Animated GIFs by Dain Fagerholm

Illustrator Dain Fagerholm, of seattle, USA, has developed a portfolio comprised of hand drawn three dimensional GIFs he has named ’Stereographic Drawings’. Stereographic images have existed for hundreds of years as a 3D illustrative technique tricking the eye with two parallel images captured with a minor difference in perspective shown at a close range to simulate a tactile quality. Fagerholm’s approach is quite similar to this antiquated approach, but, in place of hyper-realistic drawings or photos of landscapes or people, the artist instead creates an illusion of depth for his hand drawn mystical creatures to appear lively. In order to create stereographic sketches, Fagerholm first sketches the monster figures, gems and surreal landscape with colourful markers or pens. The artist then converts his illustrations into stereographic GIFs, enabling his two dimensional drawings to become three dimensional, moving images.
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Hilarious Screaming Superheroes by Roberto Salvador

Belgian illustrator and graphic designer Roberto Salvador has created a fun series called Screaming superheroes , where the famous heroes of the comics and movies depicted fearful and confused.
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Bright and Positive Paintings by Leonid Afremov

Today we want to show you amazing paintings of Russian artist Leonid Afremov. Leonid Afremov tried different techniques during his career, but he especially fells in love with painting with oil and pallette-knife. Every artwork is the result of long painting process and brings different mood, colour and emotions. So colourful, lovely and professional at the same time these breath taking paintings will surely bring you a lot of positive and peace of mind.
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My Little Pop Icons by Mari Kasurinen

Who knew that My Little Pony could be the home of a transformative art project? Mari Kasurinen created this series, My Little Pop Icons, where she created famous pop culture and fictional icons by painting the pony’s body. She made a My Little Frida, My Little Damien Hirst, and My Little Lady Gaga.
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Clean and Clever Japanese Type Design by Massaki Hiromura

Masaaki Hiromura was born in the Aichi prefecture, japan in 1954. after graduating from
Musashino art university in 1977 he began working for Tanaka Ikko design office in tokyo.
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A Natural History by Noah Doely

Noah Doely is an artist currently based in San Diego. His recent body of work titled “A Natural History” constructs fictional narratives derived from prominent figures such as Charles Darwin and their research around life sciences. Beginning first by carefully crafting scenes that the artists constructs himself, Doely then uses the ambrotype photographic process with a wet collodion plate to capture an image that feels as old as the subject matter he investigates.
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“Furiko” Japanese Animation by Takefumi Kurashina

The anime is the brainchild of Japanese comedian Tekken (Takefumi Kurashina) and aired only recently on Japanese TV. Since then, the three minute anime video has been viewed by over 1.5 million people on YouTube.

It’s very easy to see why Furiko, or Pendulum has left its audiences in tears. The video takes you through the life of young lovers – the age old, nice girl falling for a bad boy. What happens next is shown through the ticks of the swinging pendulum.
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Hand-Cut Paper Sculptures by Jen Stark

The detail-focused sculptor, painter and animator Jen Stark these are her most recent work. Stark’s highly-intricate geometric works are always formed in vibrant colours, as these shades seem to have seeped into the treatment of each piece from her bright miami, florida, USA home. The hypnotic hand-cut paper sculptural works, kaleidoscopic videos and saturated murals incorporate echoing patterns and mathematical concepts which create an infinite-like quality to her artwork.
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Stunning Pixel Perfect PSD Freebies

The following Photoshop freebies are guaranteed to help you with your workflow. If you wish to download any of the following freebies, just click the name above the image and you will be redirected to the download page. Keep in mind that all of the following freebies are available to be used for commercial use without permission.
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Alva Bernadine: Born with Three Mouths

Designboom has received images the second installation to london-based photographer alva bernadine’s ‘Born With Three Mouths’ supernatural short film series. The featured performer, Hellen also known as traumata, is a body art performer who speaks about her split tongue and ability to manipulate either side of the muscle following an operation in this surrealistic interview.
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André Hénier Opera on the lake at Bregenz

Since 1946, the Bregenz Festival ‘Opera on the Lake’ in Austria has been home to some of the most incredible outdoor stages ever built. Set on the gorgeous Lake Constance, the 6,800 capacity ‘Seebuhne’ Stage has been the setting for some of the world’s most famous operas.

During the 2007 performance of Tosca, the producer and director for the James Bond film Quantum of Solace were so impressed, they filmed a 10-day scene in Bregenz where Bond meets his adversary for the first time during a performance of Tosca.

Below you will find a collection of the amazing outdoor stages throughout the history of the Bregenz Festival, along with a detailed timeline of key milestones and events and information on the challenges of building an outdoor stage on the water.
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Bendable Print: A Magazine Cover That Ripples With Colorful Triangles

German design studio Paperlux designed an astounding series of bendable magazine covers for the November issue of the Novum magazine–small, colorful triangles are punch cut from the cover, so that you can bend, fold, and ripple along the geometric lines.

The color schemes alone (there are 6 versions of the same cover!) are astoundingly complex and nuanced, but the crowing achievement here is really making a print publication that invites people to interact with it, with the playful colors, shapes, and textures.
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The Art of Clean up by Ursus Wehrli

A nice series of photographs by Swiss artist and comedian Ursus Wehrli made for his book entitled “The Art of Clean up”.
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Alexa Meade: Real Life Paintings

All of Alexa Meade’s artistic creations look like they’ve just escaped from a famous painting and are trying to find their place in the real world. One of the best body-painters in the world, Alexa Meade uses acrylic paint to make her subjects look like real-life paintings.
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Takashi Murakami’s “Ego” Exhibition At Al Riwaq Exhibition Hall In Doha, Qatar

Takashi Murakami’s latest exhibition, aptly titled “Ego,” opens today in Doha, Qatar. The artist is a self-described “otaku,” or anime fanatic, and his colorful artwork is imbued with references to Japanese cartoons and cute pop culture iconography.
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C2C -Fuya

A nice music video for the song entitled “F.U.Y.A” by French DJ collective C2C. The four DJs are showing us a preview of what their first EP that will be released in January will sound like. A nice concept in which each sound of the mix is represented by a person in what appears to be an old church that also moves according to the sound.
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Ant Tales by Andrey Pavlov

Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov uses real ants to create amazingly cool photographs in the series “Ant Tales”
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Claudia Ficca + Davide Luciano – Potholes

Potholes cause extensive damage, uncomfortable driving and are unsightly. However, two photographers have turned these freaks of nature into something that we can all enjoy and laugh at. Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano used the potholes as props and created something that they call “Sexy Concrete.”
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Oleg Dou – Cubs

Using photography as a foundation for his portraits, Russian artist Oleg Dou manipulates the skin and bodies of his subjects via modern technology. His ‘Cub’ series depicts spectral children, their intense gazes confronting the viewer, fashioned with surreal trappings and an ethereal innocence. Imbued with an eerie stillness, these portraits were influenced by the macabre Victorian era practice of post-mortem photography, an inspiration that adds a foreboding tension to the strange, dream-like beauty of the work. View more of the haunting works below.
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The Boneyard Project – Return Trip

Ever since 1970s New York, trains have been the graffiti artist’s time-honoured canvas of choice. Every spray-can clutching, sneaker wearing b-boy worth their salt will have let their creative juices flow on a carriage or two. Imagine then, the excitement that being let loose on a ruddy great WWII aircraft would instill in the little critters? Over in Tucson, Arizona – at the Pima Air and Space Museum – that’s exactly what’s gone and happened. OK, they’re not necessarily little critters who’ve been let loose – more like internationally revered street artists like Obama’s pal Shepard Fairey and Brooklyn-based wheatpasting pioneers FAILE – but you get the picture…
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Pantone Tarts by Emilie De Griottes

For a special feature in french culinary magazine fricote, french food designer Emilie De Griottes developed dessert tarts that recreate pantone colour swatches. berries, carrots, lemon, candies, and other foods are arranged upon a tart base, whose bottom is iced in white and marked with the pantone colour represented. Recipes for making the tarts are available in fricote issue number 6 (2012).
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