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Incredible Metal Sculptures by David Kracov

It is rare for an artist to create a work of art that stirs so many emotions, leaving the viewer speechless. David Kracov has accomplished exactly this on more than one occasion. One of David’s greatest passions is to create sculptures that cause deep memories to surface and heartfelt emotions to stir. These creations may seem far from the wit and colorful linguistics for which he is known, but for David, each one is a personal opus to how life affects his art.
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Wickedly Twisted and Adorably Cute Illustrations by Yuka Yamaguchi

Yuka is a self taught artist from Saskatoon, Canada. She says that she just recently began to tell people she was an artist. It’s a good thing she does because her work is great. Her latest project is called the ‘turn everything around you cute and fun project”.
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Amazing Digital Paintings by Xhxix

Xhxix is a Tokyo-based artist whose digital paintings depict mostly gaunt young men in surreal states of mental anguish or physical injury. His subjects are inspired by niche models, such as Jacob Morton, whose pictures he gathers off the internet.

Few but some of his paintings feature mythical elements, such as Island, featuring a young man surrounded by fish that appear swim on thin air. A play on the popular phrase, it could be interpreted as a projection of ego, or the sad disillusionment of youth. He prefers to leave his work open to interpretation.

Xhxix is inspired by his contemporaries in hyper-realistic art, such as Yanni Floros and Audrey Kawasaki, as well as a vast range of fashion and amateur photography.
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Japanese Grandpas Dancing to Gee

Girls’ Generation is a nine-member South Korean girl group, also known as Sonyeo Sidae or SNSD. They debuted in 2007 and immediately took Asia by storm. The group began a foray into the Japanese music scene in late 2010 with the Japanese remakes of their 2009 Korean hit “Gee”.

Now, meet the latest K-pop group to conquer Japan, Old Men Generation (Showa Jidai). This ​hilarious parody is made by Masahiro Nakai, leader of the Japanese idol group SMAP.
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Scannable barcode portraits by Scott Blake

Scott Blake has dedicated himself to barcode art. Here is his series of portraits made from the barcodes associated with the portrayed celebrity. For example, the barcodes used for movie stars are those on the movies they played in, Andy Warhol is made up out of barcodes of different Campbell’s soup cans, et cetera.
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Amazing Mix of Surreal Victorian and Old Japanese Posters by Alex Gross

Alex Gross received a BFA with honors from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, in 1990. Since then, he has achieved steady success as a gallery artist. Alex taught at his Alma Mater from 1994 until 2005, and was a recipient of two faculty grants there. A recipient of the prestigious Artist Fellowship from the Japan Foundation in 2000, Alex spent two months traveling throughout Japan, researching and collecting a wide variety of Japanese Fine and Commercial art.
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Soot Paintings by Steven Spazuk

Steven Spazuk is a soot artist, which means he paints and draws with fire. Soot painting is a technique whose first practitioners were cave dwellers. By a mix of accident and intent, Spazuk has developed his own method method of creating elusive and haunting portraits entirely from the residue of smoke and fire. Steven Spazuk received a BFA from Université Laval, Quebec, in 1983. He has since become an experienced designer of sets, advertising, and other graphics. Watch the video after the jump to find out more about him.
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Stunning Package Design #2

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Amazing Wire Mesh Portraits by Seung Mo Park

Using a process that could be the new definition of meticulous, Korean sculptor Seung Mo Park creates giant ephemeral portraits by cutting layer after layer of wire mesh. Each work begins with a photograph which is superimposed over layers of wire with a projector, then using a subtractive technique Park slowly snips away areas of mesh. Each piece is several inches thick as each plane that forms the final image is spaced a few finger widths apart, giving the portraits a certain depth and dimensionality.
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Photographs Look Like Traditional Chinese Paintings by Dong Hong Oai

Born in Canton in 1929, Chinese artist Dong Hong-Oai passed away in 2004 at the age of 75. He left behind an incredible volume of work, using a style known as pictorialism to create incredible photographs that look like traditional Chinese paintings.
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Amazing Screw Arts by Andrew Myers

California-based artist Andrew Meyers drives thousands screws at various depths, creating unique 3D images. Once the screws are in at the correct depth, (from 7,000 to 10,000 holes by hand) he paints over each head individually to create the finished product,which looks more like a portrait than a sculpture.
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Sushi and Art

In the mood for some designer sushi? Check out this incredible work for Umino Seaweed by I&S BBDO Tokyo, which uses laser-cut seaweed to create traditional Japanese patterns so your sushi can be wrapped beautifully. The project was to help the Japanese company rebuild after the tsunami and earthquake, and won the best of show design lotus at Adfest in Pattaya, Thailand.
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Stunning Package Design #1

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Artistic Footwear Designs by Kobi Levi

Kobi Levi is a footwear designer that graduated from Bezalel academy of art & design, Jerusalem 2001. Working as a freelance designer he has collaborated with both Israeli and international companies. In the past, he has designed commercial footwear in both Italy, China and Brazil. Currently he is working on his women shoe line in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

All of the shoes presented are totally wearable and can function like real shoes. The main reason behind each design was creativity, not functionality. Sense of humor is an important part of Kobi’s work. His designs are a combination of art treated as wearable sculpture.
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Amazing String 3D Sculptures by Hong Sungchul

South Korean artist Hong Sungchul 3D string sculptures in his series entitled String Mirrors. The artworks depict several close-up, intimate shots of the human body, focusing heavily on interlocking hands and arms to represent a shared human experience. The most fascinating part about Sungchul’s work is the unconventional medium used to reflect his message.

Rather than simply displaying a large framed shot of the outstretched, grasping hands, the artist uses dangling strands of elastic with images printed on them to produce an intriguing installation portrait. It’s an interesting technique to represent human connectivity through a series of parallel, layered strings. They don’t necessarily touch, but when brought together, there is a bigger picture to be seen.
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Stunning Paintings of The Dark Side of Modern Life by Tetsuya Ishida

Tetsuya Ishida was a Japanese artist working in Tokyo. He was born in June 16, 1973 in Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. He died May 23, 2005, at the age of 31. His paintings were known for their dark portrayal of Japanese life. The characters in his painting appear unhappy and often their bodies are in pieces or part of some machine or other object. The artist left behind about 180 works created during his 10 year art career.
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Miniature Sculptures by Isaac Cordal

Working out of London, England, artist Isaac Cordal has been placing his cement miniatures all around Europe. In his recently published book Cement Eclipses: Small Interventions in the Big City, Isaac explores the urban landscape, placing his magical little sculptures in unassuming locations. Many will miss these miniature life scenes, but for those that do discover them, it brings a little intrigue to our fast-paced lives.
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Beer and Design!

What better than to see his two passions together, graphics and beer, no longer forming one and the same thing at first admired and then eaten with equal passion but perhaps with less patient! Here is a selection of beers that can only lead to design their consumption!
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Collage Art by Lola Dupré

Lola Dupré is a collage artist and illustrator currently working near Avignon in the south of France. She produces highly detailed and fractured collage art. Her work is made the old-fashioned way, with paper, scissors and glue. She uses thousands of cuts and manipulates tiny shards of paper to create a strange, amorphous, almost fractal vision.
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Beautiful Portraits of Japanese Woman by Ikenaga Yasunari

Ikenaga Yasunari is a 1965-born Japanese artist. His paintings depict beautiful women, whose expressions and postures suggest a dreamy atmosphere.

Ikenaga’s paintings also showcase exquisite textile pattern designs. His subjects are always women of modern times, but at the same time, the Nihonga painting style reflects ancient Japanese traditions, which gives his works a timeless feel.
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Boobstagram Fights Breast Cancer with Pictures of Breasts

This may just be the ultimate example of a breast cancer awareness effort using the borrowed interest of sex to get attention. However pulling photographs of ample boobs from Instagram and posting them to their website is an excellent way to do so, breast cancer awareness shouldn’t be reserved solely for the month of October, and a new French site has devised a genius, if slightly NSFW and time-wasting way to put it at the front of people’s minds. Behold Boobstagram, a site that boasts the tag line “showing your breasts on the web is good, showing them to your doctor is better” and pulls Instagram photos of breasts in the hopes they will spur women to take preventative action. More than 6,500 people have already “Liked” the site’s Facebook page, and not surprisingly, many seem to be guys. Here’s hoping they pull themselves away from the site long enough to share its message with the women in their lives.
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Panton Swatch Pixel Music Cover by David Marsh

There are three things that British graphic designer David Marsh must love: Pantone swatches, Adobe Illustrator and album cover art. In fact, he just completed a series of artworks using adobe illustrator to recreate iconic album cover designs from the 1960s to the present. The end result is some kind of “digital impressionism.” The sum of all swatches reveals an album cover image.
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Stunning Paper Architecture by Ingrid Siliakus

The Dutch artist Ingrid Siliakus has been fascinated with paper architecture, ever since she first set eyes on the work of Japanese professor, Masahiro Chatani, who invented this art form, in the early 1980s. She studied his artworks for years, before starting to create paper buildings, herself. Over the years, her skilled improved, and she began making origami replicas of some of the most famous structures in the world, like the Colosseum of Rome, the Sagrada Familia cathedral, or the Palace Del Marques De Salamanca.
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Amazing Digital Collages by Matt Wisniewski

Student at Rochester Institute of Technology and web developer, Matt Wisniewski is also a very talented image manipulator. This series of mixed media collages, part of his on-going projects, is just sumptuous! It’s been a long time since I have seen such great work!
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Stunningly Hot Sculptures by David Mach

David Mach created these amazing sculptures, made from thousands of colored matchsticks. With his series of sculptures created with matches and colorful entitled Matchheads , the artist shows us, literally, that art is ephemeral and can disappear from our memory in seconds!
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Insanely Detailed Mechanical Heart Paper Sculptures by Frank Tjepkema

These intricate, multi-layered paper hearts were designed and created by designer Frank Tjepkema, otherwise known as Tjep. They come in both a gold collection, Clockwork Love Gold, and a white collection, Clockwork Love Paper, and were first shown as part of an exhibition at Gallery Ra in Amsterdam. Each heart represents a different “heart moods” that is inspired by a theme such as fragility, passion, uncertainty, and desire. Three pieces from the gold collection in particular are available for purchase in Tjep.’s online store for €498/ea.
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Incredible Black and White Illustrations by Kim Daehyun

Incredible work of Daehyun Kim, also known as moonassi, on the wonderful website Escape Into Life. Moonassi was born and still resides in Seoul, South Korea. He studied traditional Korean painting at Hongik University.

In his pen and marker drawings, moonassi employs a minimalist aesthetic to brilliantly illustrate the most subtle and intangible qualities of human relationships. Almost all feature two nearly identical figures, which the titles suggest represent a “me” and a “you”, in some form of engagement with one another. There often seems to be an inequality inherent in the figures’ relationship, and their interactions often appear strained, perhaps even hopeless. And yet there is a great tenderness in these illustrations. Strange and paradoxical, they capture something very real.
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Fantastically Capturing the Bustling Streets photos by Stephanie Jung

It’s incredibly energizing to be in a big city, surrounded by crowds of people, flashing lights, and cars zipping past. It’s a complete sensory overload! Things move quickly, though, and sometimes it can seem like you are caught in a big blur of commotion. In these Cityscapes, photographer Stephanie Jung has developed a way to prolong a single moment of this chaotic excitement, particularly along the streets of Japan.
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I’m not there by PoL Úbeda Hervàs

‘I’m Not There’ by Pol Ubeda Hervas is a series of images that displays a man looking at his shadow. The only thing is that the man has been removed from the pictures and all that is left is a pair of sneakers and a reflective dark shape.
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Amazing Street Arts by BLU

Blu is an Italian street artist from Bologna who’s gained fame through his huge wall paintings. Often very surreal and sometimes a little disturbing, Blu has painted walls in many European cities including Berlin and London but also in several south and central American countries too.
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