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Cutting Thousands of Letters Collage by Meg Hitchock

Artist Meg Hitchock (previously) has completed a number of new, elaborate collage works with letters cut from assorted books including the Koran and Salmon Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses.
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Subtractive Wall Art by Alexandre Farto

Alexandre Farto, better known as Vhils, is a Portuguese street artist based in London. Born in 1987, he gained prominence when his work of a face carved into a wall appeared alongside a picture by street artist Banksy at the Cans Festival in London in 2008. A photograph of him creating the work appeared on the front page of The Times. He was later given space to show his work by Banksy’s agent, Steve Lazarides. Several of his works were featured in Outsiders, a collection of street art published by Century, 2008.
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Unbelievably Stunning Pinned Skin Collages by David Adey

Using carefully cut fragments of printed skin from the photographs of celebrities in popular magazines, artist David Adey creates elaborate, pinned collages reminiscent of the most complex entomological displays. In some instances he reconstructs the original photos using component pieces cut into myriad geometric shapes and symbols, each placed perfectly on the canvas with a single pin. Other times he creates giant whirling textures as with his piece Swarm, a process that can take up to 200-300 hours. The patience required for all of this simply boggles the mind. Adley currently has a solo show at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
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Catcha – CAPTCHA system to select an image to identify the cat

CAPTCHA (capture) is a type test Challenge / Response in a kind of, to be used to ensure that the responder is not a computer. CAPTCA is the most widely used as a method to verify that the user is human, and difficult to recognize in human beings on the other hand.

There are many different CAPTHA, Most of them are boring but “Catcha” is a unique and simple technique.

Approach is simple: just choose an image of the “cat” in the three images.
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Snow Monkeys at the Jigokudani Monkey Park

Jigokudani Monkey Park is in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The name Jigokudani, meaning “Hell’s Valley”, is due to the steam and boiling water that bubbles out of small crevices in the frozen ground, surrounded by steep cliffs and formidably cold and hostile forests.

It is famous for its large population of wild Japanese Macaques, more commonly referred to as Snow Monkeys, that go to the valley during the winter, foraging elsewhere in the national park during the warmer months. Starting in 1963, the monkeys descend from the steep cliffs and forest to sit in the warm waters of hot springs, and return to the security of the forests in the evenings.
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Stunning Multi Layered 3D Sculptures by Michael Murphy

Then have a look at the picture below! Multi-layered 3D sculptures, sort of. But this is only a style of Michael Murphy from New York, yet he also makes sound installations, pictures of rusty nails or sandblasted safety glass. Among the pictures, you can still find a clip.
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Japanese Graphic Design from the 1920s-30s

In the 1920s and 1930s, Japan embraced new forms of graphic design as waves of social change swept across the nation. This collection of posters, magazine covers and advertisements offer a glimpse at some of the prevailing tendencies in a society transformed by the growth of modern industry and technology, the popularity of Western art and culture, and the emergence of leftist political thought.
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Impressive Black and White Homeless Portraits by Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries began his career as a sports photographer in Manchester. But a chance meeting with a homeless girl living in the streets of London changed his life forever. Following this encounter, he decided to make a series of raw portraits of homeless in black and white. The result is absolutely stunning and compelling.
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Erotic Illustrations by Toshio Saeki

Toshio Saeki is a Japanese artist and mangaka born in 1945 famous for his paintings and drawing focusing on erotica, violence, and perversion. He has published numerous book and had gallery shows around the world. It has been suggested that his highly original erotic creations have been influential on some of Japan’s most well known contemporary artists including Aida Makoto and Takashi Murakami.
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Snoop Dogg’s New Songbook Can Be Smoked (Literally)

How brilliant is this? For the release of “Rolling Words”, the new Snoop Dogg song book (yes, there is such a thing), San Francisco agency Pereira & O’Dell created this smokable version where each perforated page can be used as rolling paper, the cover is made from hemp seed paper, and the spine doubles as a match striking surface.
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Street Art by Sam3

Sam 3 is an spanish renowned urban artist who paints pictures with silhouettes with black paints, doing murals of hight quality, as you can see in this series of images that we offer you.
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Live Augmented Reality by National Geographic

A very nice ambient advertising by Appshaker for the National Geographic channel. They found a way for people to interact with the amazing world of their client by using the principles of augmented reality, in which people could immerse themselves in different scenes with dinosaurs, leopards, dolphins, and more. The live event occurred in a Hungarian mall, resulting in the participation of thousands of people who shared pictures and videos on Facebook.
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Instaport: For someone who wish Facebook won’t screw up Instagram

Instaport is a simple way to export or backup all your Instagram photos by downloading a single zip file. You can then use it in combination with Google+, Facebook or any other (photo) application.
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The realistic sculptures by Ron Mueck!

Ron Mueck, now working in the United Kingdom, was born in 1958 in Melbourne, Australia. The son of German-born toy-makers, he grew up making creatures, puppets and costumes in his spare time, experimenting with materials and techniques. He started his career as a model maker and puppeteer for children’s films (such as Labyrinth, The Storyteller and etc.). Later he was making photo-realistic props and animatronics for the advertising industry. In 1996 Mueck transitioned to fine art and in 1999 he was appointed as Associate Artist at the National Gallery, London.
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Red by Jorge Jaramillo and Carlo Guillot

Red is a modern day silhouette film based on the classic fairy tale. Directors Jorge Jaramillo and Carlo Guillot, with musician/composer Manuel Borda, explore the drama, horror and realism of the story in a beautifully stylized way.
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Fantastic Mosaic art by Joe Black

Joe Black creates detailed portraits from thousands of badges, each depicting images and icons, that range from the Vietnam War to Elvis Presley.
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Google Maps Ventures Inside White House

Google Maps’ Street View now allows you to explore the inside of the White House. The Google Art project – which provides access to thousands of very high-resolution photos of museum paintings – has teamed up with Google Maps on a project that allows anyone in the world to take a 360-degree tour of this historic landmark and tourist hotspot. Just by logging into Google Maps and clicking on the White House, you can get the same tour as the public right on your Android device.
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One Minute Sculptures by Erwin Wurm

Erwin Wurm is an Australian artist. Since the late 1980s he has developed an ongoing series of “One Minute Sculptures,” in which he poses himself or his models in unexpected relationships with everyday objects close at hand, prompting the viewer to question the very definition of sculpture. He seeks to use the “shortest path” in creating a sculpture — a clear and fast, sometimes humorous, form of expression. As the sculptures are fleeting and meant to be spontaneous and temporary, the images are only captured in photos or on film.
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Odd Japanese Packaging and Flavors : Doritos Taco

Package design is very different in Japan. Here is the example.
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Gelatin Pill Mosaics by Andy Diaz Hope

Andy Diaz Hope deconstructs his own digital photographs and painstakingly reassembles the original image in a mosaic of gelatin pill capsules, each containing small portions from several original prints.
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OMG SPACE by Margot Trudell

OMG SPACE is the thesis project of Margot Trudell, an OCAD student studying graphic design in Toronto, Canada. This website aims to illustrate the scale and the grandeur of our solar system, as well as illustrate through the use of infographics our work in the exploration of our solar system with various spacecraft.
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New look for Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

Design studio Hort has created a new identity for one of the world’s most influential design schools, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. In an interesting move Courier is used as the new corporate font, with one subtle adjustment to the capital ‘A’…
Eike König of Hort explains that the studio were keen to look for a design solution that related to the school’s original principles, and avoided the visual clichés that relate to the institution’s history.
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Brilliant Illustrations by Russ Mills

Russ Mills is a british graphic artist/illustrator whose work is a mix between tra­di­tional media & dig­i­tal imag­ing. He paints with bold strokes, uses scanned tex­tures and scrib­bles and manip­u­lates them with the com­puter. As you can see below, the result is really beau­ti­ful and emo­tional.
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Freshly Sealed Love by Hal

Tokyo-based artist, Hal has put together a new bizarre photo series involving couples and shrink-wrap. Titled “Flesh Love” volunteer couples are covered in a plastic sheet and vacuum-sealed so tightly together that they appear to be one “love-being.” The result is better than those leftovers you have balled up in Saran Wrap, but we’re not sure we would want to be pressed up against anyone in a sweaty plastic sheet.
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The Real Cookbook by Korefe

The Real Cookbook from German design agency Korefe is a delicious creation made of 100% fresh pasta. Flip it open for some toothsome inspiration, and tear out the pages to use as sheets of lasagna. For both the seasoned chef and the novice cook, just bake the book and eat!
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Dust Painting by Allison Cortson

Artist Allison Cortson creates paintings with a difference, over a period of months she collects dust from the subjects house which she sprinkles on the canvas and then manipulates with a brush, while the subject is painted in a realistic manner in oils.
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Beautiful Japanese Tableware by Kutani Choemon

Kutani Choemon has been making tableware and tea ceremony utensils for more than 130 years in Ishikawa, Japan. Every piece they’ve made is carefully handmade and hand-painted by experienced craftsmen.
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Soft and Surreal World by Nicoletta Ceccoli

Italian illustrator Nicoletta Ceccoli’s portfolio is packed full of imagination. Her drawings are a combination of a fantastical world, with an underlying darkness. Renowned for her book illustrations, Nicoletta has won numerous awards for her work, and it’s easy to see why!
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Electroluminescent Light Suits Create the Illusion of Stop Motion Dance

Wrecking Crew Orchestra are a dance crew out of Japan consisting of eight men who in these videos are seen dancing with perfectly synchronized electroluminescent light suits designed by iLuminate. Keep in mind, what you’re watching is live and unedited.
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