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Stunning Paintings of The Dark Side of Modern Life by Tetsuya Ishida

Tetsuya Ishida was a Japanese artist working in Tokyo. He was born in June 16, 1973 in Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. He died May 23, 2005, at the age of 31. His paintings were known for their dark portrayal of Japanese life. The characters in his painting appear unhappy and often their bodies are in pieces or part of some machine or other object. The artist left behind about 180 works created during his 10 year art career.
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Japanese Graphic Design from the 1920s-30s

In the 1920s and 1930s, Japan embraced new forms of graphic design as waves of social change swept across the nation. This collection of posters, magazine covers and advertisements offer a glimpse at some of the prevailing tendencies in a society transformed by the growth of modern industry and technology, the popularity of Western art and culture, and the emergence of leftist political thought.
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Erotic Illustrations by Toshio Saeki

Toshio Saeki is a Japanese artist and mangaka born in 1945 famous for his paintings and drawing focusing on erotica, violence, and perversion. He has published numerous book and had gallery shows around the world. It has been suggested that his highly original erotic creations have been influential on some of Japan’s most well known contemporary artists including Aida Makoto and Takashi Murakami.
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Odd Japanese Packaging and Flavors : Doritos Taco

Package design is very different in Japan. Here is the example.
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